Production of pre-cooked and frozen bread

The production of frozen bread in the Mombercelli plant, in the province of Asti, is one of our novelties for 2020. This new line was created with the aim of offering a product not only of excellent Italian quality but also comfortable and easy to prepare! It only takes a few minutes in the oven to have bread “as freshly baked” on the table! Ideal for those who like to always have a genuine product at home, with the shapes, aromas and flavors typical of fresh bread.

The baking of this type of bread is only partially done and, subsequently, completed by the shopkeeper or, for the packaged, by the final consumer. This mode allows you to keep the qualities and aromas of bread perfectly intact, fundamental characteristics for enjoying an excellent product and evoking sensations of craftsmanship and tradition.

Loose and Packaged

A wide range of products for the pre-cooked and frozen bread line. We faithfully reproduce many local and non-local recipes, managing to guarantee the highest quality and authenticity. Available in bulk and packaged format. The packaged format can be easily stored in the freezer and is suitable for anyone who wants to always have excellent quality bread at home that is easy to prepare. All our frozen products make in-store operations easier, reduce preparation times and have excellent quality artisan bread at any time of day.


Classic quadrotta, with chocolate, with walnuts. Ciabatta, Arabic bread of soft wheat and with oat flakes. Bozza, Corona and Focaccia with extra virgin olive oil. Many types of bread of different shapes and flavors for any occasion. All our products are made by carefully studying the recipes and using high quality raw materials. Discover our range and for any information do not hesitate to contact us.